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Welcome to the PawPrintz Library

paw What is PawPrintz?

PawPrintz is a forum based virutal dog game with 9 dog breeds and 100's of items to collect.
Players can enjoy Contests such as Pet Shows, Raffles and Seasonal Events.

paw Do I have to feed, water or walk my dogs?

No, the dogs on PawPrintz do not requre daily walkies or feeding.

paw So what can I do with my dogs?

You can enter your dogs in Pet Shows and Contests. You can also share pictures you drew of them.
Or even write stories about your dogs.

paw What are items?

On PawPrintz there are hundreds of items to collect. The items can be found in the Item Shop.
Each week a new set of items will be posted for sale.

paw How do I buy dogs and items?

To buy dogs and items on PawPrintz you must sign up for a Bank Account at the PawPrintz Bank.
Once you have an account there you'll see your profile. Your profile will display how many Treats
you have. Every player starts with 1000 Treats. Players can earn a Daily Salary by replying to the
topic in the PawPrintz Bank titled " Daily Treats ". To buy dogs and items visit the Transfer page
at the PawPrintz Bank. If you'd like to buy a dog transfer 500 Treats and if you'd like to buy an item
transfer 10 Treats.

paw What do I do with my new dogs and items that I've bought?

Create a new topic in the forum in the My Collection category in the My Dogs and or My Items section.
Please view the templates on those pages for more details.